Northlake Recovery Testimonials

Northlake Recovery offers life-changing addiction treatment services at the highest quality of care. Read our testimonials below to learn how we’ve helped clients to overcome addiction.

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“It was awesome. They have awesome staff and are very safe and secure! Would refer to all my friends!”

Monica G.

“5 stars! Is an understatement I would leave 6 if they had the option! I’ve never seen such a professional yet friendly staff. Carlos the therapist is top notch, any needs you have can be met here. I would refer them to any family or friends and know there in good hands!!”

Joseph G.

“I have been to 17 treatment centers and this is by far one of the best places having all levels of care and truly mixing science based treatment with all the other supporting options for treatment. This place will help you fix your testosterone guys. As far as the females im sure they will hook up the estogen also. Great choice!!”

T G.

“I struggled a lot with self esteem depression and anger. I self medicated a lot because it. This place helped me cope with all these issues to get sober. The staff really care about your specific needs and does a great job helping you and holding you accountable. I recommend this to anyone striving for a sober life!”

Riley N.

“I want to start off by thanking you for giving me a chance to be the Caterpillar that got the chance to blossom into the butterfly I am today and spread my wings. You've taught me gratitude, patience, acceptance of who I am. You've had a great impact on my life, through the program and staff I was given a chance to live again and to be me for once and not who someone wants me to be. I want to thank the clinical staff for going labove and beyond to make sure that I felt comfortable here and I want to thank you for letting me stay here even though my insurance wouldn't pay. You've taught me so many life lessons and taught me to be a man again and for this I owe you my life.”

Jeffrey W.

“The staff were amazing. The facilities were amazing. He came out of recovery with more than what he left with. A truly remarkable program! Thank you to all the staff and owners”

Sandra S.

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