Meet the Northlake Recovery team

We firmly believe that the right people will help you unlock your own life purpose and passion, so that you can be liberated from the grip of substance abuse. That’s also why we’ve spent so much time and energy building a team whose purpose and passion are contagious, and whose experience in the field of addiction and recovery is unrivaled. And we want you to meet them:

Shilpa Tarugu

Dr. Shilpa Tarugu, M.D.

Medical Director

Doctor of internal medicine and Medical director. She is known for her ethical practice and expertise in the various detox protocols and programs.
Whitney Morse

Whitney Morse

Director of Operations

Experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the Hospital & Health Care industry. Skilled in Microsoft Excel, Customer Service, Management, Leadership, and Microsoft Office.

Ana Ucha

Clinical Director

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Tiffany Moore

Tiffany Moore

Clinical Therapist

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